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Re: Scanning Resolution

Valburg wrote:
> At 12:46 PM 8/4/99 -0400, you wrote:
> >
>   I'm told no photographic paper has resolution
> >better than 200 dpi, so scanning it at 300 dpi will not buy you anything,


> But back to the original question:  can there be detail in a photographic
> print finer than 200ppi/dpi?  Unless there are flaws in my methodology I
> haven't thought of, the answer to my eyes is a clear yes.

Thanks for your efforts, Mitch. As one of the "teeming millions", I
really was content to go along with the 'experts' on this issue, but in
my gut I never could resolve how a photographic print (the defacto
standard against which all other printing processes were judged) could
have such detail and smooth, continuous tone yet only containm 200 ppi
worth of image data.

Now I know...


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