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Re: Clogged Yellow Cartridge / Canon 60000 & Epson

>They [Canon 6000 carts] are a breeze to refill but a pain to get to work.
>I was just on the phone today with one of our ink manufacturers as they
were  >having trouble color-matching  Canon cartridges  <snip> when working
at its best the>BJC-6000 couldn't hold a candle to the Epson Stylus Photo
(700, EX 750)  >printers or even a Stylus Color 440 for that matter.

Not to mention warranty work.  The Indianapolis authorized service center
for Epson is also authorized for Canon.  They are fixing my Epson 700
through a warranty exception even though it is 3 months over the warranty
period, and Epson authorization said they were happy to do it!  The service
center told me Canon is VERY stingy regarding warranty work, and that it was
very hard to get an exception from them.  FWIW

I was tempted to go with a Canon next, but just can't seem to get the same
'fix' from them!  I like the Epson 900 but wish it did wider work (at least
that of the 1200.)  Any word as to when the next round of printers will hit?


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