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Re: Epson RIP for Stylus Photo and Ex etc

In a message dated 7/30/99 9:54:00 PM, the_harper@yahoo.com writes:

>I guess the question then is whether I'd get better
>results out of RGB scans printed as CMYK using a RIP. 
>My guess is that the answer is no.  There could be
>some advantage in terms of retaining more colour data
>by splitting the original 24bit data to four channels?
Epsons print pretty pictures using the RGB drivers, but don't delude 
yourself; the results of printing quality RGB *or* CMYK images through a good 
RIP is definately superior. This is not due to extra data from 32 bit versus 
24 bit files directly, but from the color control available through CMYK 
profiling. However I have yet to see any specs that claim the new StylusRIP 
is a true CMYK RIP, and without that feature the advantages disappear.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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