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Re: Epson RIP for Stylus Photo and Ex etc

Rafe B wrote:
> Rob, this subject's been hounded to death, but
> here's the short take:  you need a RIP if you
> will be printing Postscript or EPS files, or
> if you're using a page layout program (eg., 
> Quark or Pagemaker) or mixing bitmap and
> vector graphics in the same file.

Well, the only vector stuff I'm using at the moment is
in Office or Paintshop Pro 6, and all that happily
prints to the normal driver.  So I guess the RIP is
really useful to folks doing small commercial print
jobs from products like Quark etc but not me!  Well,
could be handy if my brother the editor wants his
pagemaker docs printed in photo quality for samples.
> Also, you need it if you want to print CMYK
> files from Photoshop, and for some versions of
> the Quadtone-printing thing.

I guess the question then is whether I'd get better
results out of RGB scans printed as CMYK using a RIP. 
My guess is that the answer is no.  There could be
some advantage in terms of retaining more colour data
by splitting the original 24bit data to four channels?
> A good RIP, from Epson, designed for the Photo
> printers, is a breakthrough.  Where did you
> hear about this?
Friends of mine are Epson dealers and since I have the
greatest interest in printing, the Epson info is being
given to me.  It's an announcement from Epson
Australia.  The RIP is for the following printers:
800, 850, 900, 1520, Photo, Photo Ex, 1200.  It works
on Mac, Windows 95/98, NT 4.0.  Source is Adobe
Postscript 3 (Mac and NT only) or Postscript 2
The price is listed as AUD$499 ex tax and the product
code is C842422.  I don't know about its availability

I'm mildly disturbed that the Stylus 700 isn't
explicitly listed, but since the Ex is, I presume the
RIP would work with the 700.


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