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Re: leaving printer 4 one month?? Flush out the ink of else!!!

John Nollendorfs,

"Ethelene Glycol(antifreeze) is a prime component of most inks, maybe fill 
empty cart with some antifreeze, put it in the machine & run some cleaning

Nothing like "antifreeze" to keep your heads from clogging!

Just a hunch on this folks! I haven't tried it. What do you think Ben? Hey
Ben Haskell, haven't seen you on the list in a while."


I would avoid using straight antifreeze.  The viscosity of antifreeze is 
much too high to flow through the cartridge foam and the fine nozzels of the 
printhead.  Antifreeze cut with about 80% water may work.

I would suggest leaving the cartridges in the printer and putting the whole 
machine in a sealed plastic garbage bag along with a wet dish sponge.


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