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Profile editing news

Got some great news from Monaco recently, the creators of EZColor. They are
going to come out with a new version of MonacoColor, their high-end profile
editor at a lower price about $500 (down from $1600). This will include a
soft proofing feature which will allow you to edit both the image and the
profile. (They claim this is a "really neat" feature)

Then for those of use that find $500 (cough, choke) a bit hard to swallow,
they will also have a "low-cost" version without the soft proofing ability
for around $250.(prices are still somewhat tentative)

They will both work with RGB and CMYK profiles. Mac only now. Will work as
Photoshop plugins.

They're saying three weeks to market? 

What's neat about profile editors you ask? Well, let say you are printing
MIS inks (supposedly they print quite close to OEM Epson inks) and the paper
you are using results in a 20 magenta cast, and prints slightly dark. With
the editor you can make that change in the profile--and then everything will
print better with that paper ink combo in the future. 

I have not been involved in the Beta on this, and have not seen the product,
but it should be great for those tweeks that some profiles need either
because the batch of ink or paper has changed. In any case, the editing
involves "global" changes. I don't know what the nature of the editing tools
will be. (will they follow the photoshop model?) 

John Nollendorfs
JN Photography
Lincoln, NE

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