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Serial vs USB

I am planning on purchsing a B&W Mac G3 soon.  I have an Epson EX
printer which I am currently using on an older Mac clone via the serial

I will also be getting the Stealth Serial Port Card which will allow me
to hook up all of my older serial devices to the new G3.

I know that Epson has a USB/parallel cable for my EX.  They claim that
it will send the data to the EX at a much higher rate.

A friend of mine, who recently purchased a G3, told me that he had seen
little or no difference in speed using the  USB/parallel cable over the
serial cable.

Does anyone know if I will indeed see a  significant speed difference
using the USB/parallel cable hooked up to my EX over using the serial
cable hooked up to the Stealth card.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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