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Re: New to List Where to buy Quality paper.

Gary Sellani wrote:
> Does the Hawk Mountain paper allow the Epson printers to print at the
> 720dpi? How does the longevity compare with the Epson paper?
> > Try this.
> > Ira
> > http://www.hawkmtnartpapers.com/

You can print Hawk Mountain paper at any setting. It is a 100% cotton
rag, mould made paper. The weight is 250 gsm.

The paper is one of the best inkjet papers created today. The developer
"George Coons" developed it just for inkjet printing. 

I have been printing with it for quite sometime now and print all my art
reproductions with it. It prints so close to Somerset Velvet you can't
tell the difference.

I have used Lysonic E inks, MIS inks, Epson OEM inks, HP 2500 and 3500
dye based and archival inks with this paper. I have not been
disappointed with any of the combinations. One thing though, you must
profile the inks for the printer and paper. With the pigmented inks I
have used the reds tend to print toward the orange.

I think Jon Cone has worked out a profile for this paper that has
corrected this problem.

You can get this paper from several dealers throughout the country.

Jim Davis
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