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Re: epson 1200 cable

At 06:02 PM 7/26/99 -0700, Mike Greer wrote:
>Raphael Bustin wrote:

>> Your point about "engine speed" needs to be qualified,
>> I think, based on image size.


>File size may behave differently than some think. I haven't tested this,
so it is
>still a theory. But I don't think you can simply look at a file's size and
>whether or not the printer will approach engine speed when it's printing
that image.
>In fact, I'm not convinced file size contributes anything to print speed.
Let me

<snip of theory>

Mike, I'm basing my remarks on your comment 
that you can hit "engine speed" on a 133 MHz 
machine, while my prints clearly tax the hell 
out of a 350 MHz machine.

To me, it seems just as likely that Epson driver 
processes the image file piecemeal, during those 
short print-head pauses.

There may well be other factors at work that
neither of us have thought of.

>From prior conversations with you, it
occured to me that image file size might be
a critical difference.

I think your math (re. data rates for
USB and parallel) are basically sound,
and my reaction to Tim's post was pretty
much the same as yours, based on similar

rafe b.

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