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Re: Refills lto sponge or not to sponge Was (was accelerated...)

I have run my 1520 for weeks with no sponge at all.

The reason the sponge is there is mainly to reduce the ink from being turned 
into froth as the printheads move back and forth. Ok it might also help 
regulate the ink flow from the cartridge too.

                             Now please read this carefully!

I used mini liquid adapters made from 3CC syringes.

This allowed me to measure the ink flow when printing.

I did not use the cartridges to hold ink 

I used the 3cc syringe mounted right to the ink spike in the Carriage.

It worked great as I could hold enough ink to print several pages and I used 
a eye dropper to fill the sringes that were in the carriage.

I used this refill method before I perfected a vacumm refill system that I 
use today.

Hey I just wanted to confirm that you can operate the printers using a liquid 
feed without a sponge to regulate ink flow..

The small liquid feed system can print about 3 to 4 x 10 photos before 
refilling and all you do is refill by eye dropper it takes about 30 seconds 
per color.

I also removed the blue cartridge lock down clamps they snap right out and 
back in 15 seconds.

This way I could see the ink levels without stopping!

Hey maybe some of you guys out there would like this? No vacuum no sponge and 
no refill kit as such? Post it here!

Hey any of you out are into sublimation ink jet printing? New inks and tee 
shirts are now available that make this a really great process! It has been 
used for Coffee mugs

Sublimation is a way to make fabric transfers without using a seperate "Iron 
on transfer sheet" the ink is directly bonded to the fabric and it will not 

You can also sublimate metal wood and plastics it is a super process that 
impregnates the ink below the surface into a coated item!

Custom titles are a great Item to offer!

I do not post on the sublimation list ,it is dead and has been for months!

Custom sublimation inprinting is a hot market that you might consider. But 
you have to use sublimation inks that cost $$ so a dedicated printer is 
needed. Post it here but please no flames we Epsons users should share 
information on this forum as it is the best in the world! 


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