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Abrasion coating

This is a coating question from a different angle.

I'm using Luminos Classic Velour paper (very matt, nice toothy, watercolor
texture, excellent brightness and sharpness for its texture) and having it
bound into portfolios. In a book the images are only occasionally exposed
to light, but in the binding process they are subject to some handling and
I've noticed small "pinhole" nicks on the prints where the ink seems to
have been flecked from the paper surface.

Tried the Krylon sprays but they change the character of the images in a
BIG way, destroying the texture and making the surface glossy.

I was thinking of trying Krylon's "Workable Fixative" spray as a barrier to
light physical insults. This stuff is  made especially for pastel chalk
applications to fix the pigment to it's substrate. Has anyone tried this
and to what effect? Not being made for inks, let alone these inks, I
imagine there is a high probablility of an adverse chemical reaction.


Frank Pryor

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