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Re: photos on canvas

On Thu, 22 Jul 1999, joan boyer wrote:

> hi jerry...in your paintings, do u use a wacom-type tablet? i can't find
> a discussion anywhere but at adobe's site about their use. they tell u
> there that it was designed with photoshop in mind but i'm not sure
> that's true. also, if u do use the tablet, does it take a lot of getting
> used to vs. the pen/pencil/brush? 
> thanks in advance for any help.
> joan

Joan - I use a Wacom "PenPal" (cheapie version) and
find it invaluable for a lot of Photoshop work --
particularly when using the clone tool and in making
selections.  Beats the heck out of the mouse!

Didn't take a lot of "getting used to" unless you
try to use that third-dimension (pen pressure) to
vary brush size and/or other features.

I never quite mastered that particular feature, so
I just leave the boxes unchecked (ie., pen pressure
doesn't vary anything.)

Each Photoshop tool that *can* apply meaning to the
pen pressure makes the extra meaning optional, via

On a PC (maybe on a Mac, too) you can operate using
both the Pen and the mouse at the same time.  I
still use the mouse for navigating menus and non-
graphical functions.  The pen takes priority over
the mouse any time the pen-tip is on the pad's
working surface.

rafe b.

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