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Re: photos on canvas


You can get Epson 3000's at almost any MacWarehouse type of mail order
store. There's MacMall, MacZone, MacConnection, and Macwarehouse. All of
these sell refurbished 3000 printers for about 800 dollars. They fit
either P.C. or Mac.

What's wrong with the Fotonic Inks? They are Beautiful!!

THe 1200 would give you a much smoother, photographic quality, and it is
superb on watercolor papers. The Fotonic inks will be available for the
1200 in just a month or so.  The 3000 is SHARPER appearing, and the 1200
is finer grained and smoother, more photographic. If you print on Canvas
and use 1440 DPI, I don't think you will see much difference between
them because of the texture of the Canvas.

> Well I lost my bid for an Epson 3000 today. I would like to ask those of
> you with a 1200 model if you think it would do as well putting photographs
> on canvas. I had thought that the 3000 might be better for that purpose.
> Also I want to do digital paintings on watercolor paper. I can only afford
> one, not two new printers. Any opinions welcomed. I am disappointed in the
> reports on the archival inks. I had planned on using the Fotonic inks,
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