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Epson 1200 and Weber Valentine Glossy Photo Paper

I tried some WV Glossy Photo paper on my 1200 using Epson OEM ink. The WV paper
is very close in image capability to Epson Photo Paper (improved), very good
saturation and no bleeding on even very saturated images with deep black areas.
The paper is very white, and has a very smooth surface, much like the Epson

The WV paper doesn't seem to control the droplets quite as well as the Epson
Photo Paper so soft gradiants aren't quite as smooth, and pastel areas are a
tiny bit muddy, but this is a pretty subtle effect. Most people I've shown the
comparison prints to either couldn't see any difference or liked the WV more
because of the smoother surface.

The WV seems to be about equal to the Epson Photo paper in showing pizza wheel
marks, which is to say, it's a minor issue. Unlike the Epson Photo Paper, it
seems to be pretty much completely free of bronzing in black areas.

IMHO this is a real alternative to the Epson Photo Paper, particularly if you
want a smoother surface. I understand this isn't considered an archival paper at
this point, but is being researched.


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