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Re: Rorschach ? (was Epson 1200 ICC and photoshop 5.0.2)


Assuming that you created your Fractal Design PAINTER-generated images on a
Macintosh and were NOT using color management at the time you saved time,
and were NOT using a Radius ColorMatch monitor, I would suggest that
opening them in Photoshop with "Apple RBG" as the assumed profile would be
a good bet.

As for your PhotoCD images, I don't know what to suggest.


>I live in a Mac world. Besides the scanner (for prints and slides) the
>majority of  input  comes from Kodak Photo CD's, where most of my slides
>are stored.
>Now here are 2 new q's (unrelated to the above problem):
>a. if PS5 opens a PhotoCD image, what format it it seeing? That format
>should be in the 'anticipated" profiles?, n'est ce pas?
>b. same question: if I open a Fractal Design PAINTER-generated (RIFF) picture?

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