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Re: Microtek 4000 dpi scanner (OT)

On Mon, 19 Jul 1999 rohcris@vtx.ch wrote:

> Hi,
> It's interesting to compare this scanner with the 4000 recently announced by 
> Polaroid !  There are a lot of similarities in their design and spec...  The seller 
> of my Polaroid Sprintscan 35+  told me there were links between Mikrotek and 
> Polaroid; for instance the software for the Polaroid Sprintscan 35LE (which is 
> not such a good scanner BTW) was the software of all the Mikrotek scanners 
> (which are the best softwares I've seen).  

The Microtek 35t+ is basically the same scanner
as the Polaroid Sprint Scan LE.

I owned a 35t+ for quite a while, and now own
a SprintScan Plus.  Very similar in form-factor
and in their scan mechanisms.  The filmstrip
holders are identical.

The user manual for the SprintScan LE reveals
that its TWAIN driver is in fact Microtek's

rafe b.

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