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Re: Leben Archives

This a re-post of a previous message we sent under " Gassing Up you
Cartridges". This is for Ken Rubin and others who requested the post:

Old message.....
I've developed this one for the small desktop cartridges (89, 93, 108, 110,
138, 187, 189, 191, 193):

Note: The design of this fill method is based on using our compatible
"blanks" which have one top fill hole which is sealed by a black rubber

Mini-vacuum fill adapter (You can make 1-6 of these depending on whether you
want 1 for each color)

The vacuum fill adapter consists of:

6" of 1/8" PVC tubing ID
1 - 1/8" male luer lock
1 - 1/8" female luer lock
1 - up to 1/4" tube clamp
1 - 18 gauge x 1-1/2" sharp needle
1 - 20cc, 30cc, or 60cc luer lock syringe ( I recommend terumo luer locks as
they usually spec out at 25cc, 35cc, and 65cc)

Slide the PVC tube through the tube clamp.
Attach the luer locks at either end of the PVC tube, they will be designed
so that the tube will tension fit to the leur lock adapters.
Attach the syringe of choice to the female luer lock.
Attach the needle to the male luer lock.
Your adapter is complete.

To use the adapter with WeInk cartridge blanks:

1. tall the black rubber plugs included with the blanks in the fill ports of
the cartridges. The fill ports are the large holes on the top of our blanks.
2. If this is a new blank skip to step 4.
3. Install prechamber plugs in the exit ports or and seal the vent holes on
the top of the cartridge. The vent holes are the smaller holes on the top
back of the cartridge.
4. Insert the 18 gauge needle into the black rubber plug you installed, as
far as it will go which should be all the way in.
5. Pull back the syringe plunger as far as it will go and hold it for 5
seconds. After 5 seconds lock the tube clamp on the adapter, this will seal
the cartridge chamber with a vacuum. Release syringe plunger.
6. Detach the syringe from the adapter and fill full with ink (hopefully the
appropriate U-INK or Endura LE inks).
7. Reattach syringe to adapter. Release the tube clamp. Ink will flow into
the cartridge under the influence of the vacuum.
8. This step is optional. With the adpater still installed, hold the syringe
directly above the cartridge and pull back on the syringe handle again. It
will suck some ink back but will also create a vacuum again. lock off the
tube clamp. Now repeat steps 6 and 7.
9. Now lift the needle slowly out of the cartridge until you have it fully
extracted from the rubber plug. The chamber is filled.
10. Repeat these steps for each color you are filling.

I did not include ink volumes as it varies from cartridge to color, thus the
syringe size you select should be based on the amount of ink you are
inserting. My recommendation for appropriate syringe is as follows:

S020093, S020187 - 20cc syringe or 30cc syringe
S020108, S020189 - 30cc syringe or 60cc syringe
S020089, S020110, S020138, S020191, S020193 - 20cc, 30cc syringe.

If you feel you need more vacuum power use a 60cc syringe as the vacuum
syringe and the others as the filling syringe and modify the above
instructions accordingly.

If you want to use this with OEM cartridges, you will need to make sure that
every possible air access is sealed and that the hole used to fill has a
thick flexible airtight plug in place that can penetrated by the needle.

I've done tests in-house and it works good (not as clean and efficient as
the Ultra-Fill system but it should be cheaper).

And yes WeInk will probably soon offer a prefab kit with this system for
either our standard inks or archival inks.


John Mills ( support@weink.com )
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