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Re: Two prints on one page?

Barbara was describing the (somewhat elaborate) procedure she is using to
get two prints on one page with her 900. . .

Picture Publisher has a neat mechanism that it tacks onto the front of the
print driver menus which allows the image to be sized and placed however
and wherever you want it. It allows sizing and positioning either visually
or by measurement and seems to be quite exact and repeatable. Epson's
dithering seems to accomodate any size changes without visible artifacts.
I normally work with 3000 x 2000 images from 35mm film/slides, and have
never bothered to change resolution or edit output dimensions of any image
before printing; I merely place it on PP's virtual paper and drag it to the
size and location I want, then print.

I find this feature highly useful for keeping costs down by outputting small
"proofs" before I risk time and money printing an 8 x 10 whose adjustments
I haven't got quite right. I normally print 9 proofs on a single sheet of
paper -- running the same sheet through for each proof and sizing/positioning
each image by the numbers and by eye.

Funny -- I've always assumed that *all* serious image editors provided such
a function. . .

Dave F.

Dave Fanger (dfanger@world.std.com)
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