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Re: New thoughts

At 09:34 PM 7/18/99 -0700, James Irelan wrote:

>I had one realization: I was looking
>at a Jerry Uelsmann image, and I suddenly realized:  for all the ease
>and power of Photoshop in one of its strongest and most widely used suits, 
>that of compositing, this Uelsmann image is more powerful and affecting 
>than virtually any digital image I can think of.  And, in fact, I
>actively dislike many digital composites because they look busy and
>phony.  Uelsmann's images look majestic and magical.  Now, does that mean 
>I'm going to buy 11 more enlargers?  What am I, nuts?  It does mean that 
>tools are tools. The most cumbersome of methods can be made to
>work, and the most facile of methods does not guarantee art or vision or
>even craft.

That was a nice piece, James.  So much 
simple, common sense.  What a rarity!

Nice to hear from someone who mentions
and appreciates the old masters of the

Or who appreciates that, just because
something *can* be done (with new-found
technology) doesn't mean it *should* be

rafe b.

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