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Re: Epson Stylus Visual Comparisons

At 08:52 AM 7/18/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Just food for thought: in the photo business there is a saying that
>"film is the cheapest thing in the camera bag" . . . Kathleene
>> > Mike, like I told you, I CAN'T AFFORD to pay 3 dollars a sheet for
>> > paper. I DON"T HAVE THE MONEY TO DO IT.  I have 2500 pictures I want to
>> > print. Aside from archival ink costs, Thats $7500 for paper. I don't
>> > have it. However, the prints I want to SELL, on my website for instance,
>> > I WILL use the best paper.
>> >

One of my first jobs out of college (for a couple
of months) was as an electrical draftsman, drawing
schematics on a drafting table.  The boss supplied
us with cheap paper vellum, at a time when plastic
film had already become available.

The boss talked about the heavy "costs" of the plastic
film (vs. the paper vellum) yet I'd often work for
many tens of hours on the same drawing, over the
course of weeks, as the designers kept revising 
their schematics.

The paper was fragile, and had to be drawn on with
a very hard lead.  Even if you managed to erase
a line properly, the lead left an impression on the
vellum that could not be removed.  No such problems
on the plastic film, which was far more rugged.

Talk about penny-wise and pound-foolish!

rafe b.

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