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Re: Epson Stylus Visual Comparisons

If you need good stuff inexpensive coat the paper yourself.  You can buy
very good glossy paper for 10 cents a sheets of 11x17.  Just go to a local
paper distributor and look for what they have.  Then you get inkjet coating
and apply it on the paper.  So your cost should be close to 0.25$ per
sheets; but you need to do the job yourself.


> Mike, like I told you, I CAN'T AFFORD to pay 3 dollars a sheet for
> paper. I DON"T HAVE THE MONEY TO DO IT.  I have 2500 pictures I want to
> print. Aside from archival ink costs, Thats $7500 for paper. I don't
> have it. However, the prints I want to SELL, on my website for instance,
> I WILL use the best paper.

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