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Re: Why doesn't MIS ***just*** supply base ICM profiles?

In a message dated 7/15/99 2:13:00 PM, robrown@evergreen-funds.com writes:

>I think that there are a lot of people like myself who would very much
>like to
>go to a more archival media than the Epson stuff, but don't really want
>to get
>involved in a big profiling operation. It doesn't seem unreasonable to
>me to
>suggest that MIS might want to create a few profiles such as ones that
>comes as close as possible to duplicating the OEM inkset behavior on a
>few of
>the more popular printers 
Lets see, several Epson printers (and of course users of the othere brands 
will demand equity), each needing to be profiled seperately for at least four 
drivers/RIPs (again others will be called for), each for numerous papers and 
assorted settings, this is straight multiplication, and sums up to hundreds 
of profiles already (thousands before you are done), and there will always be 
the cry for another profile for some new media or RIP, or whatever... and MIS 
is to supply these for free, and take the criticism when someone wants to 
blame the profile for their problems?  Then next month all these users will 
be trying another brand, or MIS will be trying a new ink formula... its a 
never ending task, and thankless to boot. Thats why profiles are best made 
individually as needed.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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