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Re: EZcolor

> 8) The result is a printer profile that should color correct the printer's
> ink/paper/driver setting print to the IT8. Theoretically, the scanner should now be
> eliminated as a variable. It was just needed to acquire the data to work with.

    I'd really like to know how accurate this whole method is.

    Traditionally, printer profiles have been produced with software coupled to a fairly
accurate patch reader, and the *minimum recommended instrument*, the 3 delta Colortron
at about $850 was considered a significantly less accurate instrument than the X-Rite
Color Swatchbook, at 1 delta of color accuracy and about $1300. Most patch reading for
professional quality is done with strip readers ranging from the X-Rite DTP-41 to
Macbeth/Gertrag instruments costing upwards of $10K.
    I wonder how close to that accuracy a much less expensive flatbed scanner will come?
Most profiling programs suggest using as many patches as possible in the printer target
file, with recommended for Heidelberg/Linocolor's PrintOpen ICC software ranging from a
minimum of 230 patches to over 800 patches.
    Anyone ever done a comparison on profiles done with this software and a scanner as
compared to the higher-end profiling methods?


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