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Re: And none of those epson prints...

George makes an interesting suggestion about the possibility of
issuing an image on a CD so that when the originally supplied
print fades the owner can use the CD to make a new one. However,
this sounds to me like a dangerous practice for the
artist/photographer, and anyway, latest word is that CD's won't last
more than ten years, though Kodak claims over 100 years for its

Can one equate using bits and bytes to produce a print through
an Epson 3000, or whatever, with what a photographer, for example,
produces individually and 'hands-on' in the darkroom? It seems to
me that here we have two quite different products that are not
interchangeable, that can't be priced in the same way, and that
will have different markets. Sure, the machine-made print can be
an object of beauty but it relates more to the printing press than
to a hand-made object. You can produce a limited run of prints
through your Epson,  of course.

Talking about the longevity of prints, the current British Journal
of Photography has a supplement reviewing printers and
archival Lysonic inks. I haven't seen this article, but apparentley
the Lysonic inks are nowhere as archival as is claimed.

Brian Seed
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Stock Photography Consultant
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Date: Wednesday, July 14, 1999 10:13 AM
Subject: Re: And none of those epson prints...

>jarthurdavis@earthlink.net (J. Arthur Davis)7/14/999:19 AM
>> I guess the same thing happened when the first offset printer proposed
>> printing artwork using printing presses. We all have seen where that
>> industry took off to.
>If we plan to have a discussion regarding "Prints" and "Galleries" we must
consider the Fine Art
>Print tradition.
>Four color, Offset, cmyk printing has never found its way into Fine Art
Galleries. And rightfully
>so. Editions of a 1,000 or 10,000 on commercial papers with commercial inks
have very little chance
>of holding whatever beauty they may have more than some months in a bright
>Fine Art Galleries are looking for rare objects of great beauty with
extraordinary longevity to
>entice collectors.
>The print tradition for Fine Art Galleries, Museums and amoung collectors
>Limited edition (usually well under 500)
>Numbered as "artist's proof" or 1/100 through 100/100 meaning 1 of a total
of 100 through 100 of a
>total of 100.This ensures the gallery and collector that no more than a 100
prints will ever exist
>Pulled by the artist (or under her/his very close supervision at a
recognized printing studio)
>Signed by the artist (attesting to the quality of each and every print)
>Our Ink Jet (Epson) Printers and Digital Files theoretically allow
unlimited numbers of prints to be
>made, thereby eroding the rarity of the collectible object. We all know
that the time required
>limits the edition number. And when using fine papers and ever improving
ink sets, we have already
>reached archival levels of many one-of-kind water colors. But we still have
to prove the value of
>the imagery and the media to traditionalists.
>An interesting possibility for serious, digital, fine art, makers and
collectors would give a CD
>with high res tiff or eps with every print. If the print fades the owner of
the print can receive
>permission to reprint with the stipulation that the original (faded) print
be destroyed by the
>re-printer. Of course the collector would lose the artist's signature.
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