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Re: Pumping life into a dying business

Michael Plack wrote:

> > ** Original Subject: Re: Digital Cameras
> > ** Original Sender: "J. Arthur Davis" <jarthurdavis@earthlink.net>
> > ** Original Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 17:03:04 -0400
> > ** Original Message follows...
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> > Bruce Roorda wrote:
> > >
> > > It seems that people are willing to spend the most money for the
> > > things they need the least (maybe I'm revealing my bias as a
> > > farmer), so the ultimate market is dead people, who need nothing.
> > > It looks like there ought to be a market for photography/images
> > > associated with funerals, maybe a memorial book scanned from the
> > > lifetime of photos most people have in shoeboxes.
> > >
> > > Bruce Roorda
> > > Possum Hill Farm
> >
> > Bruce:
> > You write in jest, but I have taken photos at a funeral. Not only a
> > photo of the guy in the casket but photos of relatives that had not been
> > together for years. Some people have strange requests.
> > I was hired, about 15 years ago, to videotape a funeral.  The client was a man whose wife was murdered and he was in such a daze from the trauma he knew he wouldn't remember the funeral, eulogy or attending guests.  It was the most uncomfortable job I've ever taken.
> Now, in the photorestoration business, most of my work centers around people who are no longer with us.  Today people have the means and interest to research their roots.  Especially with the vigorous approach to genetics, people are making connections with their inhereted gene pool through resotred images of their ancestors.  It's fascinating for me and makes for great conversation with my clientele.
> As to the original idea of marketing through funerals....with our digital capabilities, we can surely provide a service to distraught families facing a funeral and needing a portrait of the deceased enlarged or otherwise prepared for presentation in short notice.  I have done this on occasion but not marketed the idea.  Believe me, the effort was greatly appreciated by the next of kin and emotionally rewarding to me.
> Cheers.
> Michael


I have had the same experience.  I was recently contactact on a Monday to restore a photo of the deceased when he was a young man.  The funeral was on Wed of the same week.  In fact when they called, they asked if I did restoration on the computer.  I have had other calls for quick turnaround who specifically asked if I used the computer.

I am usually prepared to justify the use of the computer but maybe things are turning around.


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