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Re: accelerated fading problem

At 10:27  14/7/1999 +0800, you wrote:
>Has anyone experienced "sudden" fading before? By 'sudden' fading, I am
>referring to really accelerated fading which happens in a matter of days

I've posted earlier this month on a bunch of photos which faded within days.
All the cyan was gone.
As I write this I see the fading in a NEW bunch of printouts, printed 3 days
The weather here is very hot and very humid. (it was not humid before, it
actually was very dry).

>can't isolate what is the cause. Paper used is the New Photo Paper (ie the
>one said to have longer print life) and Epson inks. Anyone have any idea

Really, so much for longer printing life. I have this problem with the S041068
mainly. Earlier printouts I've done at S041134 have started to get yellowish (a
pretty fading actually) within the last 7-10 days.
Two printouts at Canson matte paper have turned to magenta within a week.
We-ink inks, not epson.

I keep my best printouts in an plastic sealed envelope (was planning to make
portfolios but got lazy) and They have not changed a bit. 

Also I have problems with refilling. I think it is the heat of the summer. I'm
pretty convinced that there is some kind of cleaner/lubricant in the epson oem
cartridges. I can go with 3 refilled cartridges after an epson oem with great
results and then by the fourth the printer never gives a correct nozzle check
no matter what. I've tried the Tomcat's syringe method and it really cleans the
head but the problem reappears after 2-3 pages. I've tried isopropanol in the
ink and found no difference. 

Amazingly I had not this problem before (when the weather was dry and not hot?)
and I never had a problem with the black cartridges (I use only some cheap
compatible china-made black cartridges, 'fullmark' brand I think. I use my EX
for text output also and the price of black cartridge here is horrible).

Since I have not changed something in the way I refill (except that I feel
terribly lazy) it must be something in the ink.

What is getting in my nerves is that I have some printouts on HP premium photo
paper stucked on the wall for months which have not changed a bit (but it is
not a good paper....)


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