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Question about ez color

Paul, Tell me something about ez color. Everybody says that it generates
profiles from SCANNER to PRINTER.  But what if you do all your art work
in photoshop originally, and do not scan it in? can a profile be made to
make prints from WHATEVER is on the MONITOR SCREEN, REGARDLESS of the
origin to the Epson Printer?  THIS is what I need. I don't especially
care if I get a profile from the SCANNER to the MONITOR screen, as both
my scanners come very close to what I want now, and only require minimum
and quick adjustments in photoshop.


> Started using EZCOLOR to generate profiles.  Now I am very pleased with the
> results. The gamut is not quite what you get with the epson inks, but is
> quite acceptable.
> I get good results on epson paper and archival paper such as Concorde Rag.
> Some form of profiling is a must if you want to use archival inks.
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