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Re: Newly installed MIS Inks.

To all:

Well, installed the MIS inks today, Not overly impressed, although on
glossy Epson Paper, I was able to get an acceptable print, and also on
Media Street's Dual Sided Matte Paper. Watercolor papers were a complete
failure, even with severe tweaking in photoshop and Epson dialogue

Even with Saturation increased 25% in photoshop, AND saturation at 25 %
in the epson dialogue box, AND contrast increased 12% AND brightness
increased 10%, the images on Somerset Velvet were dull and not
acceptable for color or black and white photos, or digital color images
that had brilliant colors. 

Even on Epson glossy paper, the colors are not really all that
brilliant, but they are just barely acceptable.

Question: If a custom profile was made, could you get further brilliance
from these inks? Could this be done while keeping the monitor image
accurate and correct?  With all these adjustments, the picture on the
monitor looks garish, and this is no way to work. I eagerly await the
Fotonic Inks. These are far more brilliant than the MIS inks. I think we
have all been spoiled by the brilliance of the Epson inks. Also, I
notice you have to clean the heads far more frequently than you have to
do with epson inks. Is this normal?

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