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Re: Adobe Press Ready

On Mon, 12 Jul 1999 18:17:52 -0400, you wrote:

>At 09:59 AM 7/12/99 -0500, william wrote:
>>While we are all awaiting PressReady with baited breath, I wonder if
>>anyone has actually used it (beta version) or seen output from it? We are
>>assuming it will be a superior RIP to Birmy, etc., but what proof do we
>>have other than Adobe's hype?
>Those of us with six-color Epsons will have to
>wait even longer, it seems...  Clearly, Adobe
>is aiming at the professional market, at least
>for now.
rafe b.

You seem somewhat confused over what consitudes the professional
market. Adobe is covering 4 ink injets first - simply because there
are more units out there- this is a commercial decison. Like it or not
the 6 inks units are a minority when number are weighed in. Adobe is
going for the main market.  RIP's will may become more common place
since these give more control over the output as opposed standard
pritner drivers - this also accepts that the need for quality will go
up with more people getting in digital darkroom. 


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ellery chua

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