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Re: Just what do we really capture?

At 20:52 7/13/99 +0500, you wrote:
>On 13-Jul-99, Vicki G. Ralls wrote something like:
>>Well I consider myself a purely digital artist. However everything I do
>>*starts* out with a photograph or several photographs. THen I put the bits
>>together manipulate then, change them, twist them. In many cases into
>>abstract works of art, but it all starts with the scan of a photo. THe
>>final artwork 
>>however exists only on the computer until it is printed out. 
>So, where is your webpage?


I haven't done a web page yet. Guess I should. I just can seem to find the
right idea, and my web skills are kinda primative. I have a few jpgs
up mostly for friends. BUt it's just bare pictures. Still you are more than
welcome to look.


>What my wife and I do also starts out as photos, but it doesn't sound
>like we go as far as you do.
>Of course, the majority of what we do, we do for customers, and of
>course they need to be able to recognize themselves in the picture.

I tried to start a service similar the one you have, mostly to help with the
cost of paper/ink but it never materialized.
Maybe I tried to push the images too far... (Seems like we do have some
interests though judging from your site.)




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