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Green Tint On Aged B&W Prints/Searching The Epson Archives

<x-flowed>I happened to find some B&W prints that were two-three months old and 
noticed what were once neutral looking prints have now developed a 
green tint.  These are work prints that were printed on Epson "High 
Quality" Ink Jet Paper and I used a quadtone setting and color Epson 
inks.  They were essentially in dark storage.  Will I run into this 
if I use a higher quality paper like  "GlossyFilm?"  I recall that 
color tints are sometimes a problem when printing B&W using the color 
inks but I don't remember any  posts regarding a tint developing 
after a period of time.

A second slightly OT question:  How do I best use the search function 
for delving into the archives for this list?  One option seems to 
access all the eGroup lists;  when I click on the Messages button and 
then attempt a search the results seem very limited.

Thank you-

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