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Solution for using Port Jugglers with Epson printers

<x-flowed>After fooling around with my Port Juggler and two Epson printers, a 
digital Camera, and a serial Radius SR 17 monitor, I've got them to 
co-exist peacefully using some new software available off of the 
Monentum web site. The software basically disables the old PowerPort 
software and allows you to force the Port Juggler to any of the 4 
ports by using Opt-CMD, 1,2, 3, or 4. This software makes your Port 
Juggler into a A-B (and C & D) peripheral switch. It is quite easy to 
write an Applescript to toggle it depending on what you want to 
output too. It works from either the modem or printer ports.

So if you think you needed to give up your old Port Juggler, look at 
their website.

Regards, Joe Milligan
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