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Acrobat 4 Print Area

<x-flowed>Hopefully my question won't be too long. It's basically about Acrobat 
4's live print area on larger files.

  I am trying to substitute Acrobat 4 for my Birmy Graphics PowerRIP 
when printing Quark files to my EX (on a Mac, OS 8.1 using either 
LaserWriter 8 or AdobePS 8.5.1 driver). The purpose is to test the 
print quality, color accuracy and live print area to see if Acrobat 
4/Distiller can truly be used on an Epson Photo #1200. Until Birmy 
upgrades and supports the new printer, this seems like a good 
approach. Obviously I am not testing this on a 1200, but I am having 
some problems on the EX which might easily translate to the 1200.

  Basically, I am not getting the same print coverage on large Acrobat 
files as I am on the smaller files. When I print an 8.5 x 11 Acrobat 
file made from a full-bleed Quark document, the coverage is smaller 
than from PowerRIP, but close enough to that from PowerRIP. When I 
try to print an Acrobat 4 file from Quark that is 11.5" wide and the 
paper size is 11.7", the system crashes. Only when I select "Fit To 
Page" in the Epson Print Dialog Box will there be a print, but the 
reduction takes the image down to 10.8" and clips. If I scale the 
image down beforehand AND select "Fit To Print" the print size is 
still under 11" but prints 100% of the information. Confused?

  Are there any size limitations to Acrobat? I wish to print 11 x 17 
documents on 13 x 19 paper--even 11.75" x 18 are common sizes for me. 
It doesn't look possible.

  For what it's worth, I was fortunate last night to see the first LA 
screening of Kubrick's EYES WIDE SHUT. If anyone is a big film buff 
e-mail me directly and I will answer any questions.

Ken Rubin
Garden Wall Graphics
Struggling Epsonologist
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