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RE: Photoshop 5 Artistry]

At 12:01 PM 7/9/99 -0700, C. David Tobie wrote:

>However, to look at it from the other side; I can't think of a hunderd pages
>that could be clipped out of Real World PS5, let alone 400... so if its all
>vital, and quite condensed, then the others simply aren't covering it. My
>bet is its the pre-press stuff left out of Artistry, and the color management
>stuff left out of Margulis...

Actually, one of the (many) things left out of Margulis
is any menu-level or dialog-level discussion of how to 
do things in Photoshop.  That's one of the things that
can make this book quite frustrating for a beginner.

(And one of the things that makes Photoshop Artistry
such a *good* choice for beginners.)

As to what's in B&F and not in Margulis -- lots of
stuff!  For example, B&F have a whole chapter on
scanning principles, a chapter on just selections,
and a chapter on image file formats, etc. and so on.

B&F (Real World Photoshop) is definitely a comprehensive
guide, no question about it, and goes far beyond just
the photographers' perspective.

rafe b.

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