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Epson 700/740/900 - Questions

I have a 500 stylus which is having problems, debating as to whether to
spend on repairs or replace it.  Is there really a difference between
720x720 and 1440x720?  And are the newer printers better than my 500?

The 700/740/900 models come to mind (the 850 seems like just a faster 740).
Is the 6-color 700 worth it?, it seems that Epson didn't stay with the
6-color design.

Also, is the 3 pico-liter design (900) verses 6 pico-liter design worth it?

I'm looking to print mostly photographs from my Olympus D600L digital
Camera, scan from my HP Photo scanner, or photos built up from both.

Thanks for any comments.

Tom Bregante

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