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Prove It! Install Bug, But Easy Solution

I just got ColorBlind Prove It! for use with Windows 98. I have found an
installation bug that was a problem for me, and may be for other Windows 98
users. I don't know if it is a problem on a Mac. There is a very easy work
around for the bug!

When I try to install Prove It! from the CD-ROM, it fails to install. I
think the problem is that the install filename ColorBlind¨ Prove It!.exe has
an unacceptable character in the name. If I copy the file from the CD-ROM to
my harddrive so that I can rename the filename, remove the ¨ symbol in the
file name, then double click on the new file name, it installs just fine.
The problem appears to be the registered trademark symbol (¨) that you may
not even be able to see in this ASCII message.

Just tonight I sent an email to ColorBlind telling about the problem and
solution. They have not authorized me to send this message to the Epson and
Colorsync listserver, but I though I'd try to get this info out as fast as
possible to save people frustration and support phone calls.

The product looks pretty cool.

Steve Bye
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