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Re: sjphoto resolution (Was: Digital Cameras)

>I gave much thought to the scanner idea on the back of a 20x24 graphic
>arts camera but ran into problems. I don't remember what the problems
>were right off hand. I talked to several scanner people and they thought
>that turning the scanner on its side would cause problems with the way
>the scanning head traveled.
>I have a good 20x24 graphic arts camera I would like to do this with. If
>you have any good ideas on how to make it work let me know.

I scan with my Microtek E6 turned on its side all the time.  it works just
fine.  It does not like to be turned upside down because the scanning head
is held down by gravity and hits the clear bed.  I cant think of a single
reason why one can't be modified to fit on a camera but isn't there a
problem in that a flatbed scanner reflects a rather bright light to capture
its subject.  Now I know a lens can focus an image to the flatbed of a
scanner and the lamp could be removed but can a flat bed scanner head
capture an image this way with so little light?  Surely the biggest problem
isn't some sort of power supply for field work (any car would do for this.) 


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