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Re: Looking for 13x19 720 dpi paper

<x-flowed>>Morrie Gasser wrote:
> >
> > I'm looking for 13x19 coated paper for 720 dpi printing of line art (not
> > photos).  Epson's S041069 is rather expensive compared to other coated
> > papers, but I don't know which brands will work well with the printer
> > (Epson 1200).
>Media Street's Dual Sided Matte Paper is wonderful. Reasonalby priced,
>too, About 50 a sheet when you buy a hundred sheets.

I have tried their matte paper and it is as good as anything I have 
tested. The glossy stuff is easier to find, but a good matte has been 
more elusive. I would try this stuff.

Ken Rubin
Garden Wall Graphics
Struggling Epsonologist
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