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Re: Two prints on one page?


As an extra to all the good suggestions, and if you like a white border 
around your pics....I use A4 paper  210 x 297 mm. I set my canvas size 
in photoshop to 19.0 x 27.9 cm, and save 10 pages (transparent 
background) in the same resolution as I print my images.

Epson ex will print within 3.5 mm of the top of the page. With these 
settings, I align the top image with the top of the page. I then have a 
guide (snap to) at the correct place on the page to give me a 3.5 mm (so 
7 mm gap) between each image image.

This process saves me an extra two cuts with my paper cutter.

Cheers, Mark.

Mark Hannah                                 Ph: 07 49391433
Great Keppel Island Resort            Messages: 07 49395044
PMB 8001 North Rockhampton                 Fax: 07 49391433
Queensland 4701               Email: hannahm@rocknet.net.au

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