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Re: 2 Epsons,1 Mac==hard crash (help)

<x-flowed>Joe Milligan wrote:

>I just bought a refurbished 1520 and wanted to add the 1520 software 
>to my existing Mac system which already has a Photo Stylus 
>installed. I planed on just switching the serial cable as needed.
>When I installed the additional 1520 software (latest version) The 
>computer freezes when selecting the 1520 in the Chooser. Removing 
>the 1520 software, the Photo Stylus now crashes too!
>I've reinstalled, printer software, system software, everything to no avail.
>When picking the 1520 or Stylus Photo in the Chooser, the system 
>hangs. If I then unplug the serial cable from the printer, the 
>computer comes back to life and says it can't find the printer. 
>What's going on? Certainly you should be able to run 2 Espons on the 
>same mac??
>Mac G3 233 MT, System 8.6, Port Juggler

Joe, Epson tech support told me they don't support PowerPort Juggler 
or the Keyspan serial port PCI card, only direct serial connections 
to the printer or modem port. Of course the Epson software can't tell 
if you connect two printers through an A-B serial switch.

The problem seems to be that Epson's software isn't "Comm Toolbox 
savy" which is something I believe the Keyspan and Momentum products 
rely on.

Oz Wille
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