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sjphoto resolution (Was: Digital Cameras)

At 06:58 PM 7/7/99 -0400, Dave wrote:
>J. Arthur Davis wrote:
>> As I posted to Rafe. Go to this site: www.sjphoto.com. Are
>> these digital images good enough?
>  There are lots of good thumbnails on your site.  I have to admit to being
>a bit jealous to your having been all those places.  But I couldn't find any
>images with the resolution of scanned film.  Did I miss them?

Steve Johnson couldn't possibly post those photos
on a web site.  In case you missed it:  most of these
photos are done with a Dicomed back on a 4x5" camera; 
the images are 6000x7520 pixels, or 130MB, according to 
the web site.

rafe b.

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