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Photoshop 5.5

I recently got a Epson 1200,  not fully appreciating the bundled
software that comes with it, namely, Photoshop 5.0 LE and  Vivid Details
Test Strip.  In the enclosed materials was an Adobe upgrade offer to PS
5.0 for $299.00.

To make a long story short, when I contacted Adobe, they said they
weren't shipping PS 5.0 any longer but if I wanted to upgrade to PS 5.5,
I could do it for $499.99.  After a little hasseling, they finally
agreed to ship me the full PS 5.5, including Image Ready, for the
original offer of $299.00.  Also included was overnight delivery for

Inasmuch as I was already planning to switch to Photoshop from
PhotoImage, somewhere in the future, I figure this little deal saved me
the cost of the Epson 1200, which was only $404.00 from Buy.Com.

Incidentally, the Vivid Details Test Strip plug-in is probably another
$100.00 savings.  For an old darkroom chemical smelling amateur, this
software put me right back at home in the digital world and is a great
add-on to PS.

Beyond the bundled software deals, the Epson 1200 is perfoming way
beyond my expectations.  In calibrating my Sony ES-200 monitor with the
PhotoDisc test target, I found no variations.  I know it sounds hard to
believe, but it was dead on with the printer.

My thanks to Bob Fernandez for his posting on the Epson 1200.  I totally
cuncur with his findings.

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