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Re: Two prints on one page?

Nill Toulme wrote:
What's an easy way to put two 5x7 prints (a) of the same pic and (b) of two
>different pics on one 8.5x11 page (1) using PS5 or (2) using something else?
>I'd even be willing to feed the paper in twice if I have to, but I couldn't
>figure out how to have the first pic print anywhere other than in the middle
>of the page in PS.  Epson 1200 printer.
Simplest way for multiple copies of one file, from any application, is to
print through a software RIP and set the n-up option to two.

Second easiest, there is a cheap (about $24) application I saw in a Tiger
Direct catalog that lets you layout multiple image sets on a page.  Sorry
but I passed the catalog on to a friend and can't remember the software
name.  But you might call Tiger Direct (www.tigerdirect.com) and ask them.

Third - In Photoshop 5 under File/Automate select "Contact Sheet."  In the
contact sheet dialog box choose the resolution you want and under Layout
select 1 column and 2 rows. Put all your images in one folder and select
that folder.  If you want two prints of the same file duplicate it. You
might have to use A4 paper to get a true 5 by 7 since Photoshop puts a
generous margin between the two cells.

Fourth - In Debabelizer there is a similar function as the Photoshop 5
Contact Sheet which also gives you the ability to set the margins so you
can get a good 5 by 7 (no border between the two images) on 8.5 by 11
paper.   But you have to make sure your Photoshop 5 options are set to save
all files with a Photoshop 2 (flattened) version embedded since Debabelizer
can't handle Phototshop layers.   Debabelizer is a really great automation
program but as Photoshop picks up more and more batch features I use it
less and less.  It is a good bit faster than Photoshop on a lot of batch
processing features and, like the above example, usually has a good bit
more flexibility.

Dan Culbertson

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