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Re: Digital Cameras

At 04:40 PM 7/6/99 -0700, David Spellman wrote:

>For example, I still wouldn't try to squeeze digital into weddings, yet;
>it's still a  lot easier to carry 25 rolls of 220, some extra lenses and
>some backup gear than it is to try to do things digitally. For starters,
>it's a lot cheaper:


>What's worse is that if you were used to keeping a camera (say, a
>Hasselblad) for 10-20 years and knowing that it would be current technology
>for most of that period, you're doomed to refiguring your actual costs with
>a three to five-year (max) technology obsolescence factor.


>    Digital certainly works in a lot of areas of photography, and while I'd
>have to agree that it's definitely the way things are headed (buy your APS
>cameras now for future collectibles!), there are still a lot of areas to
>which the technology has to adapt and evolve. And for those conventional
>photographers who are currently not an obvious fit for digital photography,
>I'd have to suggest waiting, rather than trying to make a digital system do
>something now and then tossing it away later...

Nice summary, Dave.

Your point about storage is one that's often overlooked.
How will a digital camera fare on a three-week trek through
Nepal?  For now, it's hard to beat the storage density of
plain-old film.

As to longevity of the gear... it's great to still be
shooting with a 20-year old SLR, without the slightest
worry that next month's model will make mine obsolete.

(Though I do occasionally wonder what it would be like
using a Nikon F5 or F100 instead of an FE.)

What's interesting about digital photography is that
it seems to be making its major inroads at the extremes
of the market, leaving us "serious amateurs" in the lurch.

Commercial studio photographers are already into it, in
a big way.  Pro-sumer digicams are storming ahead at 
breakneck speed.  2 million pixels today, maybe twice
that number a year from now...

But in the meantime, those of us in the middle are left
with -- what?  Film scanners, I guess.

rafe b.

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