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Re: Ink fading on prints

MileHiJudy@aol.com wrote:
> Date: Sun, 04 Jul 1999 22:32:15 -0500
> From: Jerry Olson <jerryols@badlands.nodak.edu>
> Subject: Re: Ink fading on prints
> > it was hanging in the atrium of an office building, the fumes from the
> > cleaning solutions used faded the ink quite rapidly.  So the moral to the
> > story is protection for any print printed with dye based ink is a good idea,
> > unless it is not  going to be exposed to sunlit or any chemicals at all
> > (museum conditions)
> My god another worry! What do you propose we spray the prints with?
> Jerry
> - Jerry my point was to protect your prints, because there are so many things
> out there that can damage them.  What you choose it protect with is I believe
> personal preference.  Optima is a very good product, Lyson has a protective
> spray (however it is only available in aerosol I believe).  My very favorite
> right now is Tedlar, DuPont just released a 1 mil laminate that is wonderful.
>  You can't even tell it is there it is so thin, yet it is graffiti proof, has
> UV protection and obviously protects against water.
>         Have a colorful day
>         Judy
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>         1-800-666-6602

How will artists accept this laminate on their prints?

Jim Davis
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