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Re: Re:foreign settings

In a message dated 7/5/99 5:13:10 PM, jerryols@badlands.nodak.edu writes:

>Someone gives you a file for a 12x18 inch print, and the image looks
>pretty good on your monitor. BUT you have no idea of what settings he
>used to make the image. Should this image print about the same as your
>own pictures print, or would a completely different set of settings be
>needed? I guess the bottom line is, if an image looks good on the
>monitor you are using, should it print with the settings you have tested
>and found to work fairly well?

If you are using Photoshop with a calibrated monitor and a reasonable 
workingspace (colormatch is almost entirely visible on a monitor, adobe rgb a 
bit less so, wide format could be full of surprises) then you can expect most 
anything to print about the same as your previous images, unless there are 
especially brilliant colors at the edge of the gamut, or other uniques 
issues. With any other program, the color you see is not necessarily 
representative of what others see on different monitors, in different monitor 
spaces. This also assumes an RGB image, if it is a CMYK image, then it may 
contain black settings that do not show on screen, but will in print, but 
that is a less likely situation, especially printing to the RGB driver, which 
will reconvert this type of image anyhow...

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