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Fotonic Ink Preliminary Tests

(I sent the message below twice before (Sat & Sun) but it didn't appear
because my email address was different. Apologies
if it gets posted more than once.)

I just completed some preliminary tests with Lyson's new "Fotonic
Professional Long-Life Inks" in my 3000. I have previously used Epson
inks, Lyson Equipoise inks, and Lyson Lysonic inks - all on a variety of
media. Because archivalness was important, I had settled on Lysonic ink
and Lyson Rough Fine Art paper (same as Lumijet Flaxen Weave and Bulldog
Ultra Gamut) which seemed to be about the best media for Lysonic ink.  I
went into this in more detail in a 5/7 post.

I really like the Fotonic ink.  It is much more vivid than Lysonic
(although with probably half the life, 35 yrs vs 70 on Somerset Velvet)
and appears to have almost the same gamut as Epson inks and a little
more than Equipoise.  It is a close match with Epson ink on Epson Photo
paper except the Fotonic magentas and reds appear a little darker.  I
used the Epson driver vivid setting with Lysonic inks to get good
results on Lyson Rough Fine Art paper, but this is too vivid with
Fotonic inks. The Fotonic is so vivid that even a colorful test print on
Somerset Velvet looked bright and happy. I am happy with this ink and my
only wish would be that it have the same longevity as Lysonic ink.  It
is currently being tested by Wilhelm.

I bought the ink from John Read, Marrutt Digital, (www.marrutt.com) in
England (01 44 1825 764 057) via Visa card although he encourages
Americans to deal with the official US Lyson importers. I paid 187.5
pounds (about $296).  The cartridges were 45 pounds each and the
shipping was 7.5 pounds.  John also paid something towards the
shipping.  I called about 11:15 am EDT (3:15 pm England I think) Tue
6/29, they were shipped the next day and I received them on Fri 7/2
shortly before 9 am.  Pretty impressive.

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