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Re: Maxim/Ultra print coatings

Jon Cone wrote:
> > Jon:
> > Just out of curiosity, how long would it take a properly framed and
> > displayed print to get the equivalent of 45,000 fluorescent? I have no
> > reference but that sounds like on hell of a lot of light! It doesn't
> > sound like real world testing to me. Your south facing window tests
> > sound more real to me.
> It is a ton.  Okay let's do the math.  Basic office setting with light fall
> off calculated to about 150LUX at contact point.
> Office hours 8-5 and cleaning at 1 additional hour 2 nights a week. Approx.
> 16 hours of overtime per month. No weekend hours.  I calculate approx. 6
> weeks give or take a few days.  8^)
> So this might mean that 1 hour 45,000 LUX is equiv to six weeks in the
> office slammer!  A window receives 100,000's of LUX. But also heat - which
> in driving away moisture through baking the test also results in a dillema
> of "Moisture needing to be present in order for rapid fading to occur".
> Its all pointless. There is no real way to determine this other than us all
> agreeing to meet somewhere 30 years from today and look at our Epson and
> Iris prints together and compare notes!  Who wants to host this???
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Thank You. We'll meet at your place and I'll bring the Brandy. Do you
have any preference? 

Everyone, make sure your RSVP early!

Jim Davis
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