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Re: why does my 3000 say...?

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From: Donna Aldridge <aldridge@maccore.net>
To: <epson-inkjet@leben.com>
Sent: Monday, July 05, 1999 2:11 AM
Subject: why does my 3000 say...?

> Hi! gang---Why does my 3000 say that my 16.3" X 20.8" image on 17 X 22
> paper is too large for the printer and clipping will occur---but doesn't.
> (Thank goodness!)
> I keep getting this message.  What is it's problem?


I don't have the 3000, so am shooting in the dark here.  I would guess that one
of the dimensions is crowding the max on size, and that you have your Epson
dialogue set to 'Centered' (under the Paper tab).  If it is 'Centered', change
that and try again.

bob snow

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