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Re: Maxim/Ultra print coatings

> Thanks for the post Jon. It's this kind of experience that I personally gain a
> lot from. It gives me a lot to think about. I have another question for you.
> air born particles from aerosol sprays drives me crazy. Plus there just seems
> like a lot of waste. Have you tried brushing on liquid coatings? If so, which
> one(s)? I'm looking for one that will dry to a smooth surface and have the
> glossy acrylic finish of Krylons Crystal Clear. I'm interested more in look
> UV/fade protection. Any ideas?

Golden makes a nice product called MSA varnish with UVLS. It comes Matte,
semi and gloss. It also contains HALS (coincidentally).

Beg borrow or steal a draw down bar to apply it evenly in one fell swoop (or


Jon Cone

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